All our English language teachers are native English mothertongue speakers. They have lived, worked and taught in France for many years and are comfortable in both French and English language and culture.
They have taught English in a wide range of companies and or Higher education institutes. All are experienced training professionals who support our Professional clients wishing to use their DIF. (Droit Individuel de Formation).


Operations manager

A Scottish- Greek-Canadian, Melina met her French husband in the Caribbean, and ended up eventually in her favourite place in the world, Puyloubier.

In a previous life, Melina worked in Project Management, banking, customer service and staff training. Since coming to France, she has taught english to all ages, in schools and businesses. She is now enjoying listening to BBC 2 radio and eating scones and Cadbury’s chocolate all day in English Bubble.



Caroline, the founder of English Bubble is married with 3 children, was born and educated in England where she trained in Hotel Management. She left the UK to live in Paris in 1994 before moving to Aix en Provence in 1995.

Caroline has worked with children and in education ever since. Both in the private and public sector, under the guidance of the Rectorat, with a variety of schools in and around Aix en Provence & Marseille. Including having the sole responsibility of developing and teaching in an International section of a private school in Aix en Provence.

Caroline successfully ran English Bubble in its current & previous form since 2006, but since 2014 has been living in England & continues to be in touch with her team to ensure English Bubble continues as it should.


I started my life in France more than twenty years ago as a young engineer. A wonderful French husband, three children, a dog, a cat and a pony later I'm still here!
I teach English to all ages from 0-100 (or nearly), having worked in various places from schools to some of the largest multinational companies in the area.
Teaching English and training people to use their English is a very enjoyable and challenging job. In my years of experience working with adults the hardest thing to get over is the apprehension and sometimes 'fear' that holds people back, when communicating.

Working with kids, as I have often done, is so rewarding you start with a clean sheet and move forward without barriers, English becomes an enjoyable, fun and useful way to communicate with the world around us.


I was born and raised in England, but having lived in France now for many years I know how important it is to speak both English and French. I animate two weekly English Conversation Groups at English Bubble. The aim is always to encourage everyone to use and improve their spoken English while chatting and debating on a wide range of subjects: from the weekly News, books they are reading, holidays they have taken or debating more topical subjects. The classes are extremely informal with an emphasis on fun and sharing personal experiences and opinions.


Pascale has studied in Paris, New York, Mexico and Johannesburg, and is bilingual English-French. She has a degree from the International Stott Pilates school in Toronto, Canada.

'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness' - Joseph Pilates born in 1880 became an accomplished athlete despite being a weak and fragile child. He created 'Pilates' in the 1920's with inspiration from yoga and karate blending western and oriental techniques. Pilates is now taught the world over. We are delighted to have the benefit of Pascale's vast experience to teach Pilates at English Bubble in English or French.